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Kohan Ala Parseh co. is a large quarry owner specialized in mine exploitation, manufacturing, processing and trading. Our Stone products include onyx, marble, granite, travertine blocks and slabs, tile, tomb atone and sculpture. We are using the newest technology in our machinery to improve our productivity and quality. We always give the guarantee of the best quality products, excellent service and favorable price to our customers. Thank you for your support and look forward to cooperating with you in the near future.

All this samples are already available as slab or block.
We do extract it directly from our mines to your project or showroom.
Please send us the sample MJCODE with your contact information to get the day price and the small size sampel if your near to one of our located branches.

Onyx Stone

Travertine Stone

Customized Stone Products

Welcome to your Onyx Land

We're always working on unique mines. Specially for the Onyx's categories you can expect that we represent you the most beautiful unique Onyx in the world. We do never buy stones from other parties or quarry owners. All the extracts are from our quarries or the quarries which we have part of that.
Not all the samples provided on the website.
To get pictures from our recent extracts please contact us to stay updated from all our showrooms and last minute prices.

Iran Stone Mines Excavation

During more than 10 years activities, more than 2000 direct and indirect job about Iran Stones Mine Excavation, Marble Stone, Travertine Stone, Onyx Stone, Granite Stone, Slab Stone Exploration created and all investment are personality in all fields, without the use of facilities.

Granite Stone | Slab Stone Exploration

Our Stone Mines
Metal: Isfahan lead and zinc, khorasan-e-Razavi chromite, north khorasan iron ore, Isfahan copper

Decorative stones: Nehbanadan Granite, Zanjan travertine and onyx

Non-metal: barite and zeolite